BBC’s Dirty Biased Dateline, Bitter To The End!

I had just watched the news on UK Pravda yesterday…



….and nice to see a lady patriot in Washington DC reminding their reporter that there is no President Elect and it’s not the responsibility of the left media to call the election result.


Dateline had not a single Trump fan on their leftist chat show, nor have they ever…


Bloomberger Tells BBC – Trump’s People Live ‘In The Middle Of Nowhere

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….despite that old Big Lie…

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC

…told by one of their previous left-bigot anchors.

Quickly enough, we were treated to that Henry Chu, of the ultra-liberal LA Times, a frequent pinko presence on Datelne….

Lying BBC’s Anti-Trump Jihad! 

Dismally Left-Stacked BBC Dateline Savages Brexit 

….acccusing President Trump of bullying.

And there too was Steve Richards, whom we have also seen on Dateline before…

Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show!   

…when he was identified as a political columnist and broadcaster. He regularly presents Radio 4’s Week in Westminster…


 Hasil gambar untuk steve richards


….but today he was identified as working for something called ‘Rock n Roll Politics,’ parroting the ‘President-Elect’  slogan.

The BBC mandarins are SO confident that Trump is on the way out, yet even now, with their goal in sight, they still fear to put one single soul from the President’s side on their weekly propaganda show.

Another issue arose.

They had Celia Hatton, allegedly Canadian, but a Beeb-Bint, talking of how Red China might grab Taiwan.

Then discussion of Hong Kong’s dire situation, and Ethiopia.

Amazingly, none of the ‘stars’ managed to bash Trump on any of those latter issues.

Then, at the very end, Celia Hatton managed to suggest that the installation of a Biden regime in Washington might help free those two Canadians held hostage by Xi’s bandit regime in Beijing!



Does this mean Justin Turdo will claim credit, having done virtually nothing about the prisoners, nor indeed about the infestation of Canada by enemy aliens from Red China…

Don’t Confuse Good Chinese-Canadians With Red Scum! 

….and will then share the laurels with Biden?

Who knows?

It does suggest to me that some kind of appeasement of Adolf the Pooh is being worked out.