Nifty Nikita, Foe Of Fanatics – And Has Good English, Too!

After our brief explanatory look at the Indonesian term ‘tukang obat’ yesterday…

Bravo Nikita! Sexy Star Faces Fanatic Mob Threat!

…we found ourselves facing another linguistic conundrum today, or would have, were it not for the fact that the beautiful target of fanatic hatred, Nikita Mirzani,is not only a nifty actress…



…but has too a command of the English language, sufficient to make a humble foreign blogger’s job that bit easier.

Nikita has attracted not only criticism, which in a pluralist democracy is entirely permissible, from the extremes of the sectarian fringe here…


Ustad Maaher

…but also insults, and one wonders what sort of ‘cleric’ Ustad Maaher must be, to hurl coarse epithets like ‘Whore’ and ‘Sow’ at any woman, never mind one as obviously intelligent and attractive as Nikita. 

As she says in her prompt retort…

Meanwhile, those words that you say to me, such as ‘Lonte,’ ‘Babi’ etc. are clearly an insult to a woman,” Nikita wrote.

As noted above, “lonte” means a common prostitute, while “babi” is the word for pig.

 I have to say that there are women in the world so rotten that comparing them to sows is not unfair, except perhaps to sows…


How Low Can Biden’s Hate-Freaks Sink? 

…but when Nikita reinforces her rebuke as follows…

“Do you think that as a religious person, it is ethical to call a human being as such?

…it’s hard to disagree with her.

We common folk expect higher standards from those who purport to be ‘religious!’

And that goes for ‘clerics’ of all creeds!

But then Ustad Maaher has been subjected to some quite searing criticism over his views, not only on Nikita, but on his interpretation of the religious situation here in Indonesia.

While trying to find a suitable photograph of the man, I found this article….

Provokasi ala Ustadz HTI Maaher At-Thuwailibi

….which is of course in Bahasa Indonesia but has an instant translation that makes the message clear, a message that methinks was displeasing to Maaher.

The discussion of the insults, at the top of our page, came from this link…

….which is not all in English, but worth translating, for it goes on to tell us how Nikita also compared herself with a number of sympathizers or supporters of Rizieq Shihab. According to Nikita, she has already paid taxes and helped the economy…

….whereas….you can guess the rest!

PS – remember Maareh’s threat to unleash 800 fanatics and beseige Nikita’s house?

Uh, not exactly what happened!



About half-a-dozen showed up, all women, allegedly including the wife of yet another notorious ‘cleric!’

Nikita felt so sorry for them that she offered to hand out enough money to buy them meatballs from the street vendor in the vicinity.