‘Countries Of Concern!’ Is Pakistan Worse Than Turkey?

So the obscurantist government of Pakistan, a land where religious liberty is a sick joke….

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…..has decided to boycott all French imports?

France should of course reciprocate and if Macron does so, it will be interesting to see if his ‘EU partners’ show more solidairty than they did when Britain was confronted by Argentine aggression forty years ago.

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Regardless of Mitterand’s mealy-mouthing back then, Brits, Brexit patriots or not, should be on France’s side on this.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for the Brussels Empire to swing into solidarity….

…though there are reasons aplenty for all civilised nations to sanction Pakistan, and another country with a record of villainy, Turkey, which is not only menacing another ‘EU partner’ Greece, but has overtly sponsored repeat violations of Greek sovereign borders by hordes of savages.


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It was just a short while ago that a French MEP, Nicolas Bay, urged the EUSSR to ‘stop ‘showering’ Ankara and Islamabad with subsidies and put up sanctions against them.’

State of the EU MEPs debate measures to improve Europe (50348598583).jpg

Nicolas Bay MEP

M.Bay designated both of them ‘countries of concern’ amid rising terror attacks in Europe….

 “During the European Parliamentary plenary of November, 11 French MEP Nicolas Bay from the Identity and Democracy Group had strong words against European aid to Pakistan and Turkey in light of threats coming from both countries.

MEP Bay’s comments were made in the context of a debate on the ‘fight against terrorism, freedom of expression and education”.

That French patriot is of course from Marine Le Pen’s patriot bloc, and whether his suggestions will be taken up either by the Euro-Commissars or by the Elysee Palace remains to be seen.

From across the Channel, from outside their orbit, the UK should step up to shame them into action.

At the very least Britain’s Boris Johnson should issue a call for the expulsion of Pakistan from what used to be called the British Commonwealth…


…but, in an early example of ‘woke’ weaselling, was shorn of that offensive word ‘British!’