Never, EVER, Needlessly Antagonise Smart Sexy Nikita!

If you have been following the saga of Nikita Marzini, Indonesia’s sexiest star ( and that’s saying something, because Indonesia has MANY outstandingly appealing ladies!) you will have noted the foul abuse directed at her by sectarian fanatics.

Bravo Nikita! Sexy Star Faces Fanatic Mob Threat!

Nifty Nikita, Foe Of Fanatics – And Has Good English,

Up to readers to decide, but so far, I’d say, she’s winning the war of words that has raged since she upset Mr. Rizieq….



…the ‘high priest’ of the FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’

He is often referred to as Habib Rizieq, and for those who don’t know, Habib is a name reserved for those descended from Prophet Mohammed!

It’s no doubt the case that his admittedly large following arises not only from his lineage but from his distinguished good looks and sharp, impressive intellect, but certainly the title he uses is important….


…to his many fans, who are noted for their dedication to tolerance,

But Nikita’s latest revelation is downright devastating…

….though in the spirit of fair play, I’ll be more than willing to publish any denials that come from Rizieq. 

It’s all in this linked story, which you may use Google Translate to see in its entirety, but basically, Nikita claims that when she used to live in Jakarta’s Petamburan neighbourhood, she would often pass Rizieq’s home.

I quote.

In the 90s Mohammad Rizieq Shihab was only a seller of Arabic perfume and peci,” read the information, as in Nikita Mirzani’s Instagram upload Tuesday (11/17/2020).

He lived in his parents’ house on Jalan Petamburan III and every day I always passed in front of his parents’ house, because I lived on Jalan Petamburan IV, Central Jakarta. MRS was nothing, he was just a child of Arab descent who lived around Petamburan quite a lot…

“….17 August 1998 a few months after Suharto stepped down (21 Mel 1998) he founded the FPI mass organization.”

There’s more, but you can access the rest all by yourselves.