UK ‘Charities?’ Pro-Crimmigrant Political Pressure Groups!

The effrontery of the pro-crimmigrant ‘charities’ in the UK continues to be as offensive as ever, with reports that they are now getting their pink ( or rainbow-hued) knickers in a twist because so-called ‘asylum-seekers’

( fakers, because most of them arrived in the British Isles after travelling through numerous civilised democracies where they declined to settle….

… tax-troughs in those lands did not afford alien parasites the sort of goodies available in the UK)

….are being forced to travel miles on public transport despite lockdown restrictions because the Home Office has said they must continue to report to officials…

Aw, diddums!

On public transport!

No Home Office stretch limos provided?

History of the Limousine

No tax-payer-paid taxis laid on for the ingrate whiners?

Using the buses, like honest working Brits!

Is there no end to the insufferable indignities heaped on these uninvited undesirables?



It’s not like they have anything else to do all day, lounging around in their freebie hotel accommodation…

Charities said this was “neither legitimate nor proportionate” and that it indicated the Home Office was prioritising its “hostile environment” agenda over the health and safety of communities.

…and if the Home Secretary Priti Patel refuses to do right by Brits and keep these unvetted aliens under lock and key…



,….as they should be, then why the hell not keep the bludgers busy going to and fro on public transport as described above?



Better still, make it a daily demand on their precious time!