Agree With Colin Kneelingkreep, The Cop-Killer Fan?

Yes, although I generally have little in common with kneely creeps who admire communist tyrants like Castro…


Colin Kaepernick’s Pro-Castro Comments Rile Miami Dolphin Fans

….I must agree with the latest whine –

 –  from obnoxious Colin Kneelingkreep, that the Black Panther cop-killer, Mumia Abu Jamal, should not be kept in prison any longer, after serving 30 plus years for the first degree murder of a young police officer.

We considered this case almost nine years ago..

Cop-Killer Escapes Justice – Death Demand Dropped After Decades of Delay .



…when we noted the roll of dishonour, all the rich leftist luminaries who had taken up the cause of the incarcerated savage.

Here they are…

Michael ‘Mendacity’ Moore. Some twits calling themselves the ‘Beastie Boys.’  Whoopee Goldberg. Noam Chomsky. Ed Asner. Lousi Farrakhan. Al Sharpton


If you look at our previous post, there’s an extract from another publication which demolishes the fallacious arguments heard from the cop-killer’s fans.

Now Knackerklutz has joined their shrilling and I’m merely musing on how his caterwauling could be answered, in an ideal world…

The authorities were wrong to replace the original sensible death penalty.
That should be reinstated and the scumbag dragged out, put up against a wall and shot…


….and his mangy cadaver left to rot on the nearest city dump.

On the other hand…

If Knickercrumpler feels strongly that such vermin should be let off lightly, he could offer to take the swine’s place.

I believe cells are spacious enough to let inmates kneel as much as they want, bowing towards Havana if they please.

Just day-dreaming on a quiet weekend.