Brain-Wash – BBC Hides Dems’ “De-Program” Demand!

Not a word in the ‘BBC World News’ aka UK Pravda about this…. 



…..but thanks to a few honest media, we no longer have to envision the New Order through a glass darkly…

… re-education for Trump supporters: ‘How do you deprogram 75 million people?’

…as the totalitarian thinking of the Media-Democrat Party is put into a bold brain-wash blue-print


…a nightmarish glimpse of a very different country, a frightening future so eagerly being ushered in by the bigot left media and their comrades in Big Tech!

David Atkins, a newly elected California member of the Democratic National Committee, declared recently that Democrats and liberals should “start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan” in order to “deprogram 75 million people…..

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David Atkins


This demonic Democrat has NOT been disowned by his party, despite his clearly expressed interest in implementing mass brain-washing…



…against every citizen who voted for the opposition party.

For the full background to this, read..

We also know, from his own words, even before his quote above, that he’s a rabid race-baiter.

When some people in California objected to a re-drawing of electoral boundaries…



….Atkins tweeted his opinion that their concerns were racially based and suggested they should “just put on your white hoods already.”


Unless Biden publicly disavows this totalitarian toad, it’ll be time for patriots in the USA to put away placards and banners and begin serious resistance measures.



If Obama’s cabal is installed in the White House, freedom is on its way out.