Westminster Pro-Freak Pinkos At It Again – Fight Back!

C’mon Brits, Fight Back!

I commend this message from CfM and hope every British reader will make use of the link they provide.

Pandering to the trans-freaks has gone far too far, and for far too long.

,Without an understanding of what “man” and “woman” mean it’s impossible to hold to the definition of marriage as being only between a man and a woman.

So the idea that gender can be changed almost at will strikes at the heart of what the Coalition for Marriage stands for.

Marriage supporters must speak out against changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 proposed by a committee of MPs.

It’s only two months since the Government ruled out extensive changes after its own consultation. But now the Women and Equalities Committee has taken it upon itself to revisit the issue.

The Committee’s call for evidence runs until November 27th.

We have published guidance on responding.DOWNLOAD GUIDANCE ON RESPONDING (PDF)

Changes asked about include:Ending the two year waiting time rule requiring a person to live as a member of the opposite sex before they can change their sex in law;Scrapping any need for the involvement of a doctor and a psychiatrist before you can change your legal gender.

This removes a key patient safeguard in the current system;Removing the requirement that a married person who changes gender may only do so with the permission of their spouse, thus potentially forcing people into ‘same-sex marriages’.

The present law is far from ideal. However, the proposed changes would be even more harmful to marriage and the family.

Please respond today.

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