BBC’s Enforcers Shameless? Change That!

Just been reading about UK Pravda’s debt collectors…



….in yet another article about public anger directed at the tax-funded propaganda channel, and was interested to learn that they use a company called Capita.

Capita Business Services Ltd

Administration and enforcement of the TV Licence fee.

Their wikipedia entry is fascinating.

There’s more info to be found via this business reference –


Far from being in any way embarrassed by their role as BBC’s hired enforcers, their spokesperson is quoted in the Express as follows –

Capita said its debt collection operations fell under the “essential services” category so were not suspended during lockdown“It is our current intention to continue to operate as we have been.”

A company spokesman said: “We are operating in line with Government guidance and have strict procedures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both our colleagues and our TV licence customers

In what possible bad-dream-world is debt collection an ‘essential service?’

If you share my curiosity about the answer to that question, you could use Capita’s contact form, to ask them…

..but they might not answer as fully as you like.


You could join LinkedIn ( anybody can) and look them up, all their senior executives, and more if you choose, and ask every individual employed by Capita how they can morally justify their role as BBC enforcers.