Swiss Neutrality No More – A Sectarian Sow In Lugano!

Once upon a time Switzerland was the best-known example of a neutral nation, but nowadays?


As with everyone else in every other civilised country in Europe, the Swiss people are faced with the ugly truth that they are at war with pig-ignorant primitives.

Today, we read that a ‘woman has been arrested in the southern Swiss city of Lugano after allegedly injuring two other women in a suspected terror attack at a store.’

The suspect, 28, was known to federal police from an investigation into “jihadist terrorism” back in 2017. 

Alas, this is not the first time such evil has been reported from the Alpine confederation.

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The filthy sectarian sow ‘attempted to choke one and stabbed another in the neck with a knife….’

Appallingly, this sow is apparently a citizen of Switzerland.

A Swiss national, she lived locally in the Italian-speaking Ticino region.

We are left wondering, is the sow an alien, who somehow acquired citizenship.

Or is she an apostate?

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We have read of such, in other countries. Who knows, indeed!

Anyone has the right to convert in or out of any creed, but if they embrace the treasonous caliphate dogma?

Let them pay the price for their treason.

But then again, perhaps the sow was indeed granted the privilege of Swiss citizenship?

Take it away! Boot her out!

Same goes for all alien ingrates…Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! …like those uppities who years ago demanded the Swiss change their famous national flag….


Hasil gambar untuk shake up or ship out


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….and obnoxious brats who refuse to shake a teacher’s hand.