What An Ass! Beyonce BLM Dirge Wins Pinko Praise!

So hot in Jakarta today!

I was only out for half an hour, getting veg for me and fish for the cats…



…but had to shower and stretch out on my return.

Nor did UK Pravda help me cool off with their 1pm ‘news,’ that Beyonce had nine ‘Grammy’ nominations for some silly song…



…allegedly inspired by the demise of the late criminal George Floyd.

Big deal, we chorus, but let’s comment anyway.

A photo offered by the BBC of Beyonce, who is known to delight quite consciencelessly in visits to squalid tyrannies…

…showed us what a fat ass she has acquired, and she is an ass, a typical leftist ‘celebrity’ of whom there are so many.

Better news, included in the same report, came from a black female show-biz commentator whose name I didn’t get.

She was focused, as expected by her interlocutor, BBC’s leftist Bundock, a woman not known for her tough interviewing approach…

BBC Again Blights ‘News’ With Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! 

…on exultation over Beyonce’s pinko plaudits.

But she had to admit that a recent poll indicated support for the racist BLM cause, was ‘waning,’ down by 12%.

So laugh at Beyonce’s big fat bum…

…and smile at a small but welcome decrease in public misunderstanding of the truth about that nasty movement, funded by self-confessed ‘trained marxists!’

“We are trained Marxists.”
— BLM co-founder

Neither Black Nor White Lives Matter To Marxists