Happy Thanksgiving, To All Our USA Readers!

Hard to believe, but some nutjob Red Indian prof wants Thanksgiving abolished, and replaced by a ‘National Day of Mourning!’


Why would anyone mourn?

There seems to be a nasty drive to subvert the proud narrative of how the United States transformed much of a great continent from a wilderness of warring tribes into a modern nation.


Portland State Prof Cornel PewewardyPortland State University Professor Cornel Pewewardy

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that Anti-Thanksgiving  ‘academic’ whiner badly in need of a hair-cut hails from a college in Portland, Oregon, a sad sort of city, where bestial brutes much more savage than any of the long-dead redskins…

Burn Baby Burn – Another Good Story The BBC Skipped! 


WATCH: ‘Protesters’ Set Man on Fire with Bomb Thrown at Portland Police https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/05/watch-protesters-set-man-on-fire-with-bomb-thrown-at-portland-police/


….have shown that barbarism is a phenomenon which is not peculiar to any single ethnic group, and which needs constantly to be put down.

That geezer in the photo above can bang his drum against America as loudly as he pleases, but for my part…



….though I’m not at all American, today I am going to cook up something – no turkey, alas- for my Indonesian visitor, who will hear from me what a great holiday it is!