Police Brutality Shock! Sensitive? Don’t Read This!

Further to our modest applause for the Paris Police…

Macron’s True Colours Exposed! Good Cops Betrayed!

….we need to revise our view, after reading a Guardian report on the monstrous atrocities committed by les flics….

…..against those poor illegal aliens engaged in unauthorised infestation in one of the arrondissements of the City of Light. 


Migrants set fire to their belongings as they wait to be evacuated by French police at a makeshift migrant camp under the A1 freeway, Saint-Denis, north of Paris, France, Nov. 17, 2020. (EPA Photo)

Paris  November 2020 – Would you want your capital city blighted thus by crimmigrants?


Frankly, I had wondered if perhaps a gang of cops had herded a victim into an alley and beaten him bloody till he begged for mercy.

Actually, on reflection, that might be a handy strategy to adopt against crimmigrant vagrants who won’t take a telling!

But no, the true horror of what took place is infinitely worse, to such an extent that I advise sensitive readers to sit down before reading on.

Better still, pour yourself a stiff drink!

Hell, pour yourself a stiff drink anyway.

We all deserve one in this Year of the Chinese Virus!

Now steady yourself – and read on!

One investigation concerns an officer filmed apparently deliberately tripping up a man who was running away from the police, causing him to fall badly. 


Is there no end to police iniquity!

There’s nothing else for it!

France must surrender this diabolical constable to the appropriate authority…

International Criminal Court
Cour pénale internationale  
Official logo of International Criminal Court Cour pénale internationale  (French)

….to be put on trial for high crimes and human rights violations.

Tripping an Afghan who was on the run from the law?



Rogue Cops Must Be Brought To Justice!