Wrist-Slaps For Treason Scum? God Save Ulster!

All the defendants pleaded guilty to charges ranging from providing weapons and explosives training, attempting to procure explosive material, and targeting police officers and a senior prison governor in Northern Ireland for assassination.

The report goes on to name a batch of disloyal scum, including one beast previously named in the House of Commons as….

FILE-- This is a  Saturday, Aug. 15, 1998 file photo showing   Royal Ulster Constabulary Police officers stand on Market Street, the scene of a car bombing in the centre of Omagh, Co Tyrone, 72 miles west of Belfast, Northern Ireland.   Prosecutors say the case has collapsed against Seamus Daly the man charged with the murder of 29 people in Omagh in 1998, scene of the deadliest bombing in the history of the Northern Ireland conflict. (AP Photo / Paul McErlane)


…the man who constructed the Omagh bomb that killed 29 civilians in the market town 22 years ago..

But you probably know about that – if not, read the linked report..

Although they are not apparently members of Sinn Fein/IRA, they are identified as ‘Continuity IRA, the oldest and most ideologically hardline armed republican group…


But morally there’s no distinction.

They’re all Ulster’s enemies, eager to fly an alien flag over the British people of Northern Ireland, ready to sink to any level to that evil end.


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The Guardian helpfully recapitulates the republican vermin’s agenda.

  • A plot to target a prison governor while he walked in the County Down countryside.
  • A plot to assassinate specific officers in the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
  • A plan to steal sulphur from a factory in Dublin to make explosives.
  • A planned purchase of a £2,000 silencer for an automatic handgun…
  • …….

Now to my point.


Two of these disloyal scum got 5 years.

Another of the swine got 6 years ( not real years – only 3 years 6 months ‘in custody, and the rest on licence – i.e. not in custody!

A fourth pig got 6 years, half in prison, ‘the other half on licence,’ i.e. not in prison.

A fifth pig got 4 years, 2 behind bars, 2 not.

A sixth swine got 3 years 6 months – again only half ‘inside!’

And the seventh? Just 18 months in, 18 roaming around, ‘on license!

( best double-check all that – my arithmetic gets shaky after dark!)


What the hell gives?

What kind of punishment are these joke sentences?

What sort of message do silly wrist-slaps send to treasonous filth like those listed above?



What thoughts go through the minds of those bereaved by the monstrous Omagh bombing, and every other atrocity committed by the Fifth Column that would deny self-determination to the Ulster-Brits?