Javanese Voices Heard – ‘No Fanatics, Thanks!’

In Kendal, not the English Lake District area but the Indonesian regency, in Central Java, there’s a man named Nanang Supriyanto.

He’s the coordinator of Kendal Community Alliance and this week he was speaking to other citizens concerned about the antics of Rizieq the Fanatic, who has rarely been out of the news here…


The Fanatic Returns! Indonesian “Scholar” Offers Warm Welcome!

…since his return from Saudi Arabia.

Nanang Supriyanto didn’t mince his words!

There are many scholars and ulama who always give lectures in a polite and cool manner.

Unlike Habib Rizieq, who always speaks in a provocative tone that can cause division in the Republic of Indonesia.’


Kendal rejects Rizieq!


That Kendal demo was on Tuesday, and the crowd who cheered his words dispersed peacefully at the request of police concerned over the distance rules prescribed against the Chinese Virus.

No childish anger against law enforcement.

As Pak Nanang said,.“We fully support the steps taken by the TNI-Polri in upholding the rule of law, especially against HRS….”

He said they didn’t want Rizieq in their part of Indonesia.

We hope that people throughout Indonesia will also take action like this,” he added.

Their demo sounds like it was not just responsible but fun, too!

The demonstration was followed by a theatrical action which tells of Habib Rizieq coming to Kendal and being rejected by the Kendal people….



…the crowd then carried a float of a poster with a picture of Habib Rizieq to the Kendal River…

Kendal is far from unique.



In Bandung, West Java, an enthusiastic crowd burned Rizieq propaganda material.

Here’s a link to a video.

This is all a reflection of widespread concern over the behaviour of Rizieq and his vigilante gang, expressd in forthright terms, so different from mealy-mouthed ‘intellectuals!’

Good Job Well Done! Yet Jakarta NGO Nags Find Fault? 

More about all this tomorrow…and the next day!