UK Pravda’s ‘100 Women’ – So Far NOT Inclusive!

Further to the offensive pro-freak trailer we mentioned last week…

New BBC Free Ad – So Bad, On Women’s Safety Day!

… looks like we are in for another load of BBC BS, under their ‘100 Women’ season!

Just before 1pm, Jakarta time, UK Pravda had their old bat Kirsty Wark interview a French nutjob female, authoress of a book called ‘I Hate Men.’



Then we were confronted, half an hour later with another interview, with that evil hag Hanoi Jane Fonda, now in her 80s, though she shouldn’t be.



She should have been executed as a traitor after giving aid and comfort to the Communist enemy during the Vietnam War.


The vile cow has never repented….

Mangy Old Traitrix Arrested – 50 Years Too Late! 

……. and her far-left bilge was given free rein, unchallenged as she used the chance to slur President Trump as a ‘fascist!’           

So will BBC interview Kirstie Allie, the pro-Trump actress?

Will a sane authoress be brought in to balance the gibbering French feminist?

Don’t hold yer breath!