No More Subversive Subtlety! BBC Exalts Marxists!

We have known for long enough that UK Pravda hold in contempt the people who pay their grotesquely inflated salaries.

Their greed has infuriated more people than their far-left bias.




That’s human nature, but perhaps the BBC’s latest outrageous, bare-faced promotion of marxism may change that, as more and more viewers realise their coerced licence payments are being misused to exalt enemies of democracy.



Tometi is a rabid leftist, who has praised Venezuela’s Maduro and can be seen in this video praising Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur—a communist convicted cop-killer who is now a fugitive in Cuba—and chanting the communist slogan, “We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Use that link, for much more info on the evil of BLM!

We read all about them when they revealed that they were ‘trained marxists’ a few months ago, but the third member of the BLM troika? Her name has slipped my mind!

I will try to find it and scroll through the UK Pravda roll of honour again tomorrow, unless any readers does so first.

Britain has an allegedly ‘conservative’ government. When are they going to put a stop to the state broadcaster using tax-payers’ money to advance the cause of the foulest foes of freedom?