Biden Got Gaystapo Vote? Pound Of Flesh Time!

It looks like ‘Stop the Steal’ is not going to prevail, sadly, although how this grim outcome was achieved is being looked at…


Media Suppression of 8 Stories Stole Election for Biden (

…and the world seems a lot bleaker as we see the grisly rogues gallery Biden is assembling, and contemplate what we know he’s got planned.

Won’t Deport Rapists? Let’s Cut The ‘Biden’s Moderate’ Cr… 

It’s not only the illegal alien rapists who have reason to be cheerful. 

This week the pervert pressure group laid out its shopping list and as  we read in this report…



….,it’s ‘an atomic bomb. In clear text, for all the world to see, the [HRC] summons the Biden administration to deny accreditation—or, at the very least, to facilitate the denial of accreditation—to Christian institutions, Christian colleges and universities, and, for that matter, any other religious institution or school that does not meet the demands of the LGBTQ orthodoxy.’

Biden pandered to sexual maladjusts repeatedly during his campaign…

Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda?

….and now, having undoubtedly given him their support, they naturally want their pound of flesh.

In their case, it’s not a heavy price they want him to pay…



…simply that he end religious liberty!