Sectarian Slaughter In Sulawesi? Death Penalty, Please!

A monstrous jihadist atrocity in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi Province!

A family of four was killed by the ‘Mujahideen of East Indonesia (MIT)’ led by a sectarian pig named Ali Kalora, around 09.00 last Friday.

The perpetrators are estimated to number 10 people and some of them are carrying long-barreled weapons and handguns.



In addition to killing four people, they also burned people’s homes so that six houses were burned and one place of worship was also burned.

Condolences are pouring in.

The management of the Catholic Youth Center extended its deepest condolences to the extended family of Bala Keselamatan Church and especially to the families of victims of violent violence and heinous killings  Pemuda Katolik Minta Aparat Usut Pembunuhan di Sigi (

It’s reported that 150 families have fled from the area, in fear of their lives.

Sekeluarga Dibantai di Sigi, Sulteng, 150 Keluarga Mengungsi 


This area, known as Poso, has a history….

Hasanuddin the Pig

Hasanuddin the Pig

Indonesian Beheaders of Schoolgirls – Poso Pigs Up For Parole Soon? 

…some of which you can read in our previous post, though be warned, it’s grim reading.

So what’s going to be done about the vile sectarian vermin who feature in the latest horrible news?


Ali Kalora menebar teror dalam video yang beredar.Ali Kalora – The pig poses!


Both the TNI (Armed Forces) and local police are  making a joint effort to hunt the culprits down – and let’s hope they kill the scum rather than capture them, because we haven’t had any good executions for a long time….


….since the Bali Bomb Pigs years ago.

It’s fair to say that Indonesian security forces have a pretty good record as far as taking out terrorists is concerned…..

Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?

…even though they face not only dangerous armed terrorists but the sort of nasty niggling that Western anti-terrorism operations have to put up with!