Trained Marxists To Meet Biden/Harris ASAP?

You’ll find the plan for a Biden/Harris get-together with the red racists of BLM if you read all the way down this article from the far-left website ‘Vox…’

‘….we’re looking forward to having that meeting with them directly to discuss our agenda….’

…..but isn’t it remarkable how sotto voce Vox becomes when it comes to the fact, not propaganda but fact, admitted by Patrisse Culors just a few monhs ago….

Patrisse Cullors.jpg
Comrade Cullors 

…….that she and her BLM comrades are ‘trained marxists…’


“We are trained Marxists.”
— BLM co-founder

…..which is to say – she adheres to one of the two worst, most murderous ideologies ever to confront mankind.


No mention of THAT in Vox, nor of Cullors’ Canadian counterpart, who tweeted the truth then speedily deleted it…

 Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

Vox instead allows Cullors to get away with disguising her agenda as ‘progressive and affirmative.’


Yeah, right!


Although some of the piece is laughable, like the claim that the horrific mayhem everyone knows about was a ‘small percentage’ of what Culors herself defines as an ‘uprising….’

…much of it is revealing, albeit nauseating.

These racist reds are making it known that, although they’re pleased by winning the battle to get their sympathisers into power, or rather BACK into power…


…the war goes on.

It will infuriate you, but reading it will ready you…




….for the coming Second Wave Of The Revolt Against Civilisation!