Clooney The Klutz, Perfectly Put In His Place!

I did notice that George ‘Klutz’ Clooney had been blabbering ignorantly again, and was unsurprised.

He’s an expert at that sort of thing.

Is Klutz Clooney Even More Hypocritical Than The Argie


…as we mentioned a year or two or more ago.

But having been distracted by events here in Indonesia…

Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic…and by the valiant Americans trying to Stop the Steal…UK Pravda’s New Big Word- ‘Unsubstantiated!’ Oh Yeah?

…I’d decided not to bother refuting Clooney’s garbage about Hungary.


He often plays obnoxious smoothies and no wonder.

However, when I read this article on Saturday…

….it impressed me so much that I am passing it on, as a good Sunday brunch read for everyone who admires the steadfast Magyars….


…and despises Sauron the Dark Lord.