Cover-Ups Don’t Work! German Cops Should Come Clean!

Today, as far as I have so far heard, the German Police are still keeping suspiciously quiet about tne horrific crime in Trier.

But we have to be alert for any sign that the perpetrator was another sectarian swine….



….like so many of the aliens Mama Stasi Merkel welcomed in back in 2015.

Even the pro-crimmigrant media are alluding to the possibility of an Islamist motivation.

The incident resembled a previous jihadist attack in France, but authorities declined to immediately identify the driver’s motives.

What is worse than useless is the statement that the 51 year old man detained is a ‘German citizen!’

Ever since the 1960s, hordes of Turks have been imported into Germany as gastarbeiter, guest-workers…

Turk Biker-Gang – In Germany? The Gastarbeiter Legacy! 

….and insanely successive German governments failed miserably to see to it that those ‘guests’ did not outstay their welcome.

Now thousands of them, and their offspring, hold German citizenship.

Some of them have done what’s right but many have not, preferring instead to cling to alien ways and alien allegiance.

Again we show you the photographs that make our point….


…a Berlin street scene from a few years ago!

And these young ‘Germans,’ even more recently, delighting in the proximity of the the barbaric Islamist who currently rules Turkey…



‘Germans’ who came out to cheer for Turkey’s Erdolf when he visited Merkel last year…


….and plenty others have turned out en masse to welcome their adored tyrant…


  • erdogan

    The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

As I’ve noted before, aliens, or their offspring, have created pressure groups, who demand that Germans be censored..

UN Stokes Islamophobia – Ultimatum to Germany – ‘Silence Free Speech!’

Loyalty to Germany?

Yeah, like Evil Ilhan of Minnesota is true to America.


And the usual guff about the culprit being ‘mentally disturbed?’

We have heard this line too often!

And not just in Germany!

Italy is in shock after Father Roberto Malgesini was stabbed to death on September 15. The priest was well known in the northern Italian city of Como for his work helping immigrants and the homeless.

The alleged killer, a Tunisian man with mental health problems, turned himself in to the police after the attack..  Italy – Crimmigrant Ingratitude Reaches

Of course it may be argued that anyone who takes innocent life is not right in the head.

And that only the mentally disturbed would murder people for how they worship –  or for criticising how or what others regard as religiously important.


We have them in Western countries and here in Indonesia.

BrutalParis Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic! 

Explanations are not the same as excuses.

Raised in bloodthirsty primitive beliefs, those who bring their beliefs to Europe and act out their foul fantasies, may seem mad as well as bad to us, but they are hardly clinically insane.

And once we get all that ‘mental’  stuff out of the way, then it’ll be the lone wolf yarn.



After Nice, Munich – How Many ‘Lone Wolves’ In A Pack? 


On the other hand, maybe the German cops are going to such lengths merely to hide the fact that the driver is merely a drunk driver who flipped his lid after a tough day at work?