UK Court Gives Kids Some Protection- How About Adults?

So it has taken a judicial ruling in London to stop ‘experts’ facilitating poor deluded children who think they’d like to change their sex?

Although it only applies fully to under 13s, it’s a step in the right direction.


Three judges have said that children aged 13 and under are highly unlikely to be able to give their competent consent for treatment.


When you were a child and had to have an operation, was your consent sought?

Kids get to play – they don’t get to make important decisions.

They need to be protected, and if parents are unfit, somebody should be looking out for them.

They also stated that it was “doubtful” that 14 and 15 year olds would understand the long-term risks of gender reassignment treatment.

Again, it goes without saying…

….or would in a society not driven towards Bedlam by trans-freak lobbying 

As one of the individuals who underwent the ‘treatment’ says – 

 “This judgment is not political, it’s about protecting vulnerable children. I’m delighted to see that common sense has prevailed.”

It should never have come to this.
It shouldn’t take the high court to defend kids from junk science that denies Nature.

To submit a little lad to preparation for emasculation is child abuse of the vilest kind.

Same for whatever nightmarish operations would need to be done to girls whose minds are so disturbed that they believe they are meant to be male.

But what about adults who are maladjusted?

If a grown-up nutjob announces that deep down he’s sure he’s an elk…

…does the National Health Service spend tax-payers’ money on providing hm with prosthetic antlers?

Maladjusted adults should be afforded therapy – their delusions should not be pandered to.