BBC Covers For Biden Dissimulatrix’s Tweet-Deletes!

Bet the BBC never even hinted at, never mind reported on, the shocker below!



I rarely dash off a sentence or a paragraph and post it at once!

That’s partly due to the numerous agreeable and disagreeable distractions in my home, and in my life, that means I can rarely give 100% of my attention to what I’m writing.



…so it makes sense to go back and double-check before publishing.

Also, in the Golden Age of Partying, before the Chinese Virus arrived and blighted so much…


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

….there were nights I’d get home late, and in what was once said – more than once, to be accurate – when it happened to the late British Labour Party deputy leader George Brown, to be a ‘tired and emotional’condition.


If yer well-hammered, steer clear of social media.

Very occasionally, there’d be slippage from this self-discipline, and then I’d need to amend my output.

But ONE THOUSAND instances?


Time to chuck it.

Unless you’re a nutjob….


….or a Biden pick for high office!

The Washington Examiner reports that Joe Biden’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, has deleted about 1,000 tweets in anticipation of tough Senate confirmation

Biden’s OMB Pick, Neera Tanden, Is a Conspiracy Theorist Who Pushed False and Disputed Election Information on Twitter

What has she got to hide?