Pseudonymic Soni Jailed – 800 Thugs M.I.A.

Remember the very unpleasant insults, and the cowardly threat issued against Nifty Nikita?

Bravo Nikita! Sexy Star Faces Fanatic Mob Threat!

Well, the menacing intention to send a mob of 800 nasties to lay siege to Nikita’s home in South Jakarta emanated from a man named Maaher, or so we thought at the time.

However, it subsequently turned out his real name is Soni Ernata!

I’ve no idea why he has been using Maaher as an alias – perhaps to sound like he’s an Arab, to match the gear he likes to wear?

More recently, very recently, it turns out Soni’s been arrested!


Ustaz Maaher At-Thuwailibi Maaher At-Thuwailibi aka Soni Ernata

According to the very readable report in the local news, Soni was ‘secured at his residence’ at 4am, just yesterday morning!


He’s in custody as a suspect in a ‘SARA’ case, that being a catch-all term that covers creating disharmony on racial or religious grounds in Indonesia, so I’m not sure whether his rant against Nikita or some other blathering is involved.

Judging from Nikita’s response, I think the latter, because she’s quoted as saying she hopes to top up the charges,

Wait for my turn to report you, to have you rot in prison.

And her three final words will be echoed by very, very many Indonesians.



Nevertheless, we must wait and see what happens next!

Soni did threaten to send 800 rabid louts to Nikita’s house.



Alas for his prestige among his fellow hate-spewers, they never materialised.

Only a half-dozen female fanatics showed up, for whom NM felt so sorry that she offered to lend them enough small change to buy meatballs from the passing vendor!

Read about that cute little episode, and some background on Soni Ernata too, here –  Nifty Nikita, Foe Of Fanatics – And Has Good English, Too! 

Will the valiant 800 now show up outside where he’s being held, demanding his release?