How Dare They Carp At Bangladesh?


Rights groups are claiming refugees are being moved against their will!’


Bangladesh is far from being a rich country.


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Yet it has spent $400 MILLION dollars providing housing, hospital and schools for Rohingya ‘refugees,’ who are NOT Bangladeshis, who crossed the border from Myanmar, who claim to be citizens of Myanmar, and thus have no right to dictate where Bangladesh puts them!

The Bangladeshis have no way of knowing what manner of people have come into their country.

Some Rohingya may be harmless.

But as we have noticed…

…many are not!

And yet insolent UN upstarts have added their voices to sticky-beak ‘NGO’ natterjacks, in feigned outrage at the uninvited aliens being removed from the mainland without those uninvited aliens’ CONSENT?

My advice to Bangladesh?


Having got that off my chest, shouldn’t Britain’s Priti Patel be studying the island idea?

It’s not as though we haven’t already drawn such a possibility to the UK Government’s attention.





The sheer sanity of keeping crimmigrants confined somewhere where  they can’t molest European women or drive trucks into Christmas shoppers is so self-evident, it’s no wonder it keeps emerging as a talking point. 

Our ‘Asylum Island’ Idea Catches On…in Germany!