Vile Fanatics Terrify 90-Year-Old Lady, Home Alone!

Although the outrageous episode ocurred a week ago, It is so characteristic of the mentality of the bigot minority here in Indonesia…



…that I feel obliged to let overseas readers read for themselves what happened at Pamekasan, East Java, on 1st December.

Such vile and cowardly behaviour is far from unique to this country.

We have seen similar shameful actions in Western countries too…

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…by BLM and/or Red Nazi Antifa brutes, and I can only say that IMHO any such scum deserve a sound thrashing…

….before, during (and why not after?) their arrest.

Demos in town squares, if peaceful, are all very well, in normal ( non-viral!) times, but to beseige somebody’s home is an affront to civilised values, east or west or anywhere.



The victim was not actually alone – but her only companion was a house-maid, not much help in the face of a mob of gutless swine!

The besiegers were fans of Rizieq the Fanatic…

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…and their target that day was Indonesia’s Minister of Security, a man named Mahfud.


Mahfud MD.jpg



The residents of the house were terrified. The mob was violent. They threatened to burn down the house if Rizieq Shihab was imprisoned,” said Syaiful Hidayat.

POPULAR – Facts about the house of Mrs. Mahfud MD who was attacked by a mob

( that link will take you to an Indonesian language report, but Google Translate will e adequate for you to confirm the gist of the story)

Syaiful is Mahfud’s nephew.

Prior to their onslaught, the crowd was known to have held a demonstration at the Pamekasan Police Station. At that time, the crowd urged the police not to arrest Rizieq.

Then, on their way home, the crowd came to Mahfud MD’s parents home..


Vile fanatics lay siege, as a nonagenerian quails indoors

Inside the house was the mother of the Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs, 90 years old, feeling threatened by the suspect’s screams of “Kill … Kill,” said East Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Nico Afinta at the East Java Regional Police Headquarters…


Police Chief Nico Afinta


there were many demonstrators who were shouting threatening words against Mahfud MD.”

However, he continued, the words “Kill, kill”, based on police investigation, came from the suspect, AD alias MT.


Not quite so bold now?


That individual has been detained and we await the legal process.

If he is found guilty, a public flogging, alas, is not included in the Indonesian penal code!