BBC Hack Myrie Relays Unfounded ‘Racist’ Smear!

The perennially Trumpophobic BBC Dateline was back again on our Jakarta Sunday morning.



Much Trump-bashing, as always…

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….despite that old Big Lie…

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC

…told by one of their previous left-bigot anchors.

….with not an ounce of interest on the part of UK Pravda to have anyone Pro-Trump to balance the ranting.

More on that at the bottom of the page, but first…

Surely the prize for unacceptable conduct needs to go to the BBC’s very own Clive Myrie, whose nauseating performance in Arizona a month or two ago led us to deem him…

BLM Rant = “A Powerful, Poetic Rage!”…..Says BBC! 

‘…the drooling, droning BBC creep, Clive Myrie….’ .



This week, however, the target of his bile was not the President but one of the Republican candidates for the vital Georgia senate election.

Myrie was babbling almost incoherently about ‘intertwining of fact and fiction, facts and conspiracy theories…possibility of Russian trolls…’

Then all at once he inserted an accusation of, guess what…

 ‘Racist Rhetoric!’

Kelly Loeffler.jpg


…against Kelly Loeffler.

But he deployed the typical slimy BBC trick of tagging the smear he uttered with the words ‘some suggest…

…thus getting the lie out there, loud and clear, but blaming some person or persons unknown, so we can’t even track the origin of the smear!



As his Coven Comrades at Broadcasting House like to say, about whatever Donald Trump might say, that ‘racist’ smear is ‘unfounded’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ and ‘without evidence.’



But why on earth would that inhibit a lousy UK Pravda hack from sharing it with a worldwide audience?

Clive Myrie?

We know thee who thou art, Comrade!

Aside from that toad, the most rabid hate on the show emanated from another familiar far-left nasty, Jeff McAllister ( apparently once with Time Magazine, but he seems to get plenty of work with UK Pravda )

We have had to notice him on a previous Dateline.

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This time he began with a side-swipe at Bojo, as the erstwhile ‘leader of the head-banger faction’ – meaning the PM was once regarded as a serious Brexiteer.

But the journo-bigot got into his stride at the mention of Donald Trump.

McAllister denounced The Donald as ‘a genius at magnifying lies for his own benefit’….who plays ‘the politics of grievance,’ unlike ‘normal, stable people like Biden.’

Trump is doing what he’s doing to ‘keep himself rich, to keep himself out of jail!’

But of course there was a pro-Trump person on, to ensure the balance and impartiality the BBC is required by its charter to maintain.


Not a chance! BBC is incapable of honest journalism.