No Appeasement – Boycott Lush Products!

When I saw something about ‘Transfreaks Angry At Lush,’ I wondered which lush the sad creatures were angry at.



…but the most famous lush has retired, and besides, his Brussels Empire was and remains a stalwart source of support for mixed-up maladjusts…



….who delude themselves into  thinking they can wish themselves into a change of sex!

So which lush did incur their ire?

Not me, I hope!

I do make jokes against myself and my enjoyment of the barley and the grape, but I don’t think I qualify as a lush…


…especially since the Chinese Virus has more or less shut down partying here. 

However, on investigation, there is a boycott to be urged! 

Men don’t wear make-up so I personally can’t join in what I’m proposing, against a company I had never heard of till this week.

Though on second thoughts, I am sometimes asked nicely by somebody nice to include in my shopping one of those masks that girls wear overnight to refresh their facial skin.
So if I do so again, I will make sure I don’t buy her anything made by “Lush.”

Here’s why!

…statement on 1 December, Lush wrote: “To trans people and allies, we wish to say sorry for some past mistakes in our choices of donation recipient…

As the statement makes clear, the company had helped some women’s group which understands that men cannot become women.



This incensed the mincing squad, who no doubt buy lots of make-up – and no doubt look revolting when they apply it!

So Lush grovelled – and that’s unforgivable!

Therefore, to my lady readers – I don’t have any tranny readers, surely – here’s the message!

Add Lush to your personal No-Go-To list when you do go shoppng!