Poor Ms. Perry, Pilloried By P-ssed-Off Pervs!

Admittedly I have had cause in the past to criticise Katy Perry…


Katy Perry.  

Empty Threat from Empty Head, Yet Bias Dogs Abbott   – 

…and will no doubt have cause to so so again in the future.


….leftists blast Katy Perry for shouting out pro-USA, anti-political T-shirts from her dad — a Christian evangelist who voted for Trump…

D**n, you really woke up and said, ‘F*** the few gay fans I have left,’ huh?’

What did Ms. Perry do wrong?

“…she dared to urge her fans to contact their family members who don’t share their political views — and express love to them


It is quite beyond me that anyone would imagine it’s not possible to make friends, and maintain friendships, with others of differing political or religious beliefs.

As for family, sure, we don’t get to choose them and sometimes vast fissures open that cannot be bridged. Yet to break with them over politics?


I hope KP and her wise parents have a great Festive Season!