BBC’s ‘Broad Selection Of Voices’ – Crooked & Who?

There’s a broad selection of voices approving him!’

Aaron Safir, of BBC World News…



…thus summed up the initial tweets portrayed in respect of the man named by Biden as Defence Secretary.

Not knowing much about the general, I reserve judgement.

But having previously taken note of UK Pravda’s Comrade Safir and his peculiar notion of news-casting…

…I was only mildly shocked at his notion of what constitutes a ‘broad selection’ of American opinion.

Crooked Hillary, naturally…



….and – wait for it!

Yes, the man who blights our screens daily in the BBC’s longest-running free advert video…

BLM – BBC’s Longest Running Free Ad Ever?

…Blabbermouth Crump!

A household name?


Until UK Pravda made him so, with their BLM propaganda promo!

It could, I suppose, be worse.



I would not have been very surprised had they asked Crump’s co-star, the total nonentity and young brother of the late criminal George Floyd, for HIS opinion of the Biden nominee.