In Today’s UK, An MP Apologises For Being Tolerant!

I was sorry to see that the UK Labour Party’s ‘Shadow Equalities Minister for Faith,’ ( who invented that title?) a woman named Janet Daby MP, has quit her position.


Official portrait of Janet Daby MP crop 2.jpg

Janet Daby MP

Her reason?

According to a press release by C4M, her terrible misdeed was ‘backing conscience rights for marriage registrars to opt out’ if those intending to ‘marry’ were a pair of queers!

During a Zoom briefing for the Religion Media Centre last week, Ms Daby said: “There needs to be something in place that protects people of faith as well as those who think the other way.

”It is an issue of conscience….”


Alas, showing sympathy and tolerance put her so badly out of step with current Labour ( and Tory?) pro-maladjust ideology….

….that ‘Ms Daby has now apologised for her “misjudged” comments and her office has rowed back on them, clarifying that the MP “believes registrars should not be in the role if they do not want to conduct same-sex weddings”.

That’s just grand, isn’t it?

Make them kowtow, coerce them into conducting homo-weddings…



…and if they won’t bow down, force them out!


C4M fight the good fight valiantly.

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