France24 Brexit Bias – Wet Weasel Patten Unchallenged!

And once that rather blatant BLM propaganda show was over…

France 24 – Mousey Ma’amselle Lets Left Prof Rant! 

….we had a more familiar face, none other than Chris Patten, the last Governor of Hong Kong, before that city was handed over to Red China. Patten was previously one of the wettest wallies ever to turn people off the Tory Party.

He’s not a man one can readily respect, as we recorded quite a while ago!

That uppity Tory hack Lord Patten evidently imbibed some dictatorial arrogance from the Red Chinese tyrants with whom he hob-nobbed during the surrender of Hong Kong .

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    As Chris Patten is accused of misleading MPs over big pay-offs to departing BBC staff, Channel 4 News looks back at the colourful career of Britain's last governor of Hong Kong (Reuters)
  • Not once but thrice, he hid behind his lordly title to avoid answering a summons from a House of Commons Select Committee…

BBC TRUST? An Oxymoron, For Sure! 


To be fair, the villainous conduct of Adolf Xi seems to have awakened Patten to the eternal truth that Communists are lying scum…



….and I nodded along, though wondering why he hadn’t figured out what marxism is all about back when he consigned those poor HK people to a totalitarian regime run by hypocrites.

Beijing Bully Xi Polishes His Jackboot! 

I nodded, until the final minutes of the interview, when Patton was inexplicably given an opportunity to discuss Brexit.

The pathetic interviewer, one of F24’s male muppets, not the dumbo dame who was on immediately before, nevertheless emulated her approach…



…..sitting back and letting every bit of bile go unchallenged.

Bojo, said Patten, was not to be trusted!

No doubt, but then a torrent of snide anti-Brexit snot sprayed forth from ‘His Lordship,’ entirely predictably….



….given that Patten earned a handsome salary in the service of the Brussels Empire, a Euro-Commissar for years!

Here’s the link. See for yourselves!

A professional news channel interviewer GRILLS any politician who appears on their programme.

France24 should get their act together. But they won’t.

They’ve been pumping out biased blather, subsidised by the French tax-payers…

….ever since I first set eyes on their dishonest logo.