Fanatic Gang Calls ‘Throat-Slitting’ Video A ‘Hoax!’

They deny it!     Rizieq the Fanatic’s follower’s, that is!

Well, to paraphrase that rather cute 1960s English slapper, Mandy Rice-Davies…


…they would, wouldn’t they?


Viral Video of FPI Neck Slitting Simulation, Executor in White & Green Gloves
Video clip of FPI’s throat-slitting simulation.

INDOZONE.ID – A video showing a simulation of how to slit the throat allegedly held by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) went viral on social media. The video was also shared by Nikita Mirzani on Instagram….

And here’s the link to that!

There was a stage in the event, which reads FPI and LPI. A number of people appeared on the stage, while others were on the lawn with red soil. There were also cries of ‘Allahu Akbar..’
LPI’ refers to the sectarian vigilantes’ paramilitary wing, the Laskars,’ six of whom were shot last week.

Rizieq the Fanatic, cuffed!


We are the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) or the LPI (Laskar Pembela Islam),” said a presenter using a loudspeaker. Several people were seen sitting cross-legged on the ground. They act as people who will be slit. 

Behind them, there was a man wearing white robes…

Then, with props, in the form of a machete, he slaughtered the man who was sitting cross-legged quite deftly one by one.

The demonstration looked as if it were real, because the man who was the one who was slain, floundered after being slaughtered.