New WHO Scandal Breaking? Who’s Surprised?

An intriguing report in EUObserver today, which suggests, to me, at least, that the increasingly discredited W.H.O…


Bruce Aylward
A senior official with the World Health Organization faked internet connection issues and then abruptly ended an interview when confronted over the WHO’s position on Taiwan

…exemplified by that slimy Canadian, is in big trouble…again!

The World Health Organisation (on whose authority Big Tech stomps dissent on so-called ‘social media’  Big Tech Jackboot Stomps Dissenting Doctor! )

…may be interfering in the decision-making of sovereign nations.

Not all sovereign nations of course.


Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

WHO’s Red Tedros is known to be an eager collaborator with the bandit regime in Beijing that released the virus on the rest of us!

The new odd tale concerns an Italian scientist, Ranieri Guerra, by name. He has been allegedly employed not only by his own country’s government, but also by that World Health Organisation!

Serving two masters is surely never simple but the disturbing fact is that, in May this year….



….Guerra ‘requested the removal from the WHO website of a report which had severely criticised Italy’s handling of the first wave of the pandemic.

The report was only on view for 24 hours!

Odd indeed, and since EUObs acknowledged its source as the Guardian, I went there to dig deeper.

And ye’d need to dig VERY deep to find anything lower than what’s been revealed!



’WHO Accused Of Conspiring With Italian Governmeny To Remove Damning Covid Report’

Too much for me to compress into a blog-post – you have got to peruse and digest the horror story for yourself.

Is it credible that even the current Italian Government, Conte’s Cur Coalition, with its foul record of importing hordes of primitive savages…

Conte’s Cabal Imports More Migrant Menaces! 

..and subverting Matteo Salvini’s admirable objective of mass deportations…

Maxi-Amnesty for 600,000 Illegals!’ Spot On, Matteo! 

…would dishonour their duty to their own fellow-citizens, their responsibility to tell the truth.

Sadly, of course it’s credible!

Europhiliacs who delight in ‘internationalism,’ perhaps best defined as ‘friends to every country but their own,’ will always bend the knee to supranational authority, whether it be the Brussels Empire….



….or WHO, the ‘health’ wing of the UN.

One hopes, and one is very confident, that Italy’s patriot partyleaders, like Salvini and undoubtedly Giorgia Meloni too…



…will get their teethinto this and rip to guts out of the cover-up.

Stand by for fire-works!.