Good For Greece! ‘Useful’ Norse ‘NGO’ Exposed!

How one composes a headline can be a clue to one’s opinion on an issue.

Think of some of my fair and balanced headlines recently!

But I’m a blogger. I am wholly committed to the resistance, to the fight against unholy evil in general…

Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic! 

….and in the context of this report, against the Enemy Within, ‘NGO’ agitprop outfits…



….that often batten like leeches on their own countries’ tax-payers – innocent tax-payers, people who often never get to hear of such funding!

Greece’s migration minister, Notis Mitarachi, didn’t just make claims but had video testimonies recorded with migrants naming the Norwegian ‘NGO,’ Aegean Boat Report.

Unfortunately we don’t know if that ABR crowd are getting Norwegian tax-payers’ cash or even EUSSR grants to help them in their efforts to succour crimmigration.



Or is it Soros funding them?

We have had a look. But their website merely whines for donations, skipping boring stuff like who has been donating!

Surely it’s hard to disagree when Minister Mitarachi says of certain kinds of ‘NGOs’ that they contribute to “illegal migratory flows”.

Mitarachi presented video testimonies by African migrants where they say they were instructed by people smugglers to use Aegean Boat Report, once they landed on Greek shores, to contact the UN refugee agency.



Mitarachi claimed the service was thus providing tangible support for those trying to cross into Europe.

“A small number [NGOs] are contributing to the illegal migratory flows and therefore the problem and the human costs,” he said.

In one video, a young, unnamed African male, says they were told by smugglers to contact Aegean Boat Report when landing on the Greek shores.

“As soon as you reach Greece you should photograph each other and send the photos to the Facebook page or the WhatsApp of the Aegean Boat Report NGO,” he says in the video testimony.

Aegean Boat Report disputes the account. 

NGO rebuts Athens’ charge of aiding people smugglers

  • Aegean Boat Report, a Norwegian NGO, disputes the accusations made by the Greek government 

And there’s more!


Seven non-government organizations have orchestrated with human traffickers to smuggle illegal immigrants into Greece, according to Migration Minister Notis Mitarachis….

Mitarachi highlighted that the Norwegian non-governmental organization Aegean Boat Report, and the London-based Al-Khair Foundation assisted human traffickers.

Seven NGO’s Are Coordinating With Human Traffickers To Smuggle Illegal Immigrants Into Greece – Greek City Times

Which keen reader will investigate that ‘London-based’ outfit with the VERY non-English name?