‘The Counter-Protest Side?’ Journo Defines Antifa Red Nazis!

Yes, that’s how one ( tax-payer funded) ‘journalist’ chose to euphemise the cowardly Antifa mob whose thuggery he was  recording in Sacramento this week.

We have often used this cartoon to illustrate the stark similarities between today’s Antifa Red Nazis and yesterday’s (1939s) Nazis.



But generally, Hitler’s gang didn’t care if their violence went public, a significant difference between them and the leftist hoodlums who swarm in packs and seek to silence critics.

The Nowadays Nazis don’t want their thuggery caught on camera!



As one gang-member declared-

 “…there can be legal consequences for their comrades if you get too close [with a video camera]. It’s a thin line. I have no respect for snitches disguised as journalists. Respect earns respect and trust earns trust.” 


The ‘legal consequences’ these red lice fear are arrest and prosecution for their serious crimes against persons and property!

A number of them rushed him in an alley and beat him,” Rodd wrote. It appears to be a five-against-one gang-up — Antifa aren’t known for fighting one on one…


Read the full report ( with videos) via The Blaze link above!