One Almost Gets Why Stalin Deported Them!

When I was post-grad studying communism, I re-read some of the late Robert Conquest’s works, and one I remember was entitled ‘The Nation Killers.’


It was about Stalin’s deportations, and I recall feeling very sorry for the various peoples carted off to unpleasant pastures new by the NKVD and the Red Army.

What I have read this week in EUObserver (which credits the Guardian ) has made me wonder if some of my pity back then was misplaced, for among the deported nationalities were the Chechens.




Now I read that ‘Islamist websites’ have been showing a pack of ‘admiring people’ ( aka sectarian vermin)  at the funeral of the Chechen pig Antonov, the satanic swine who beheaded Samuel Paty, the Parisian teacher/martyr.

The same report describes how a piece of dung named Ramzan Kadyrov, apparently a ‘Chechen leader….’


Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Chechenya’s Ramzan Kadyrov

….ranting against Macron for defending freedom of speech and expression.

Kadyrov is quoted as saying that Western leaders who antagonised Muslims were “forcing people to commit crimes!”



Kadyrov is thus exposed as not only a filthy sectarian savage but as a near imbecile.

No way in the world are people like the pig in Paris ‘forced to commit crimes.’


They are simply satanically wicked.

But you all get that.

These Chechens?

I don’t just mean Kadyrov and the pig in Paris.

I mean the ones we have written about on other occasions, like…

French Cops OK! But There’s Still Blood On Macron’s Hands! 

I had previously posted on an EUObserver report that ‘Russians’ now topped the list in terms of numbers of ‘asylum’-seekers.

My question was – are these thouands of illegals really Russian or are they perhaps from the same place as another’asylumer,’ the man accused of the Boston Marathon mass-murder.



Boston Bomb Pig


Since January, some 20,000 asylum requests have been filed by Russian citizens — almost all Chechen — in Poland and Germany. Experts are mostly flummoxed by the influx, which already represents more than a twofold increase over all of 2012.

Some point to a spreading rumor about German hospitality toward refugees as a potential cause.

Could be.

Or it could be that this…

…..has a lot to do with it!