UK Pravda’s Mindless Pro-Crimmigrant Bias!

Update on this piece below, which was composed early this morning – 

Biden has announced the first step in his sell-out, a “new approach” to migration that “offers alternatives to undertaking the dangerous journey” to the U.S.- which, if it means anything, means back to Obummer’s ‘old approach…


… open-border policy in all but name!

Had a busy morning at home on Saturday, listening to Leonard Cohen’s greatest hits while cleaning and tidying the house, with only 6 days to Christmas, but at 2pm Jakarta time, I felt in need of some masochistic torment, so switched on UK Pravda – aka BBC World News…



….and got a blast of pro-crimmigrant propaganda from their iffy correspondent in Central America, whose tiresome tripe we have had to notice more than once already…

BBC’s Pro-Queer Hack Now Shrills Against Gitmo

Will Grant on Muck Rack

‘Gay’ Will Grant


…when he flaunted his flaming pro-‘gay’ and anti-American prejudice.

Will Grant showed us a rabble on the march, whose bags and pockets he had evidently personally inspected one by one…

….for he assured us that the ‘impoverished’ aliens advancing towards the USA were ‘carrying only their children’ along with their few possessions.

So no guns, no drugs, no knives?

No evil intent?

Were they all as peaceful as that other rabble whose ‘peaceful’ picture we have used previously, as they strove, snarling, to batter their way into somebody else’s country?



No worries.

Wimpy Will has gaily exculpated each and every one.

Then, to provide BBC style balance…



…we were presented with a pudgy UN ‘refugee’ so-called expert named Scylla, or something like that – or was it Charybdis – oh, sorry, it was this person…

 Sibylla Brodzinsky

…telling us that the mob we had seen had ‘no choice’ in the matter.

Arrant hogwash.



They could stop in their tracks and abandon their illegal intent to gate-crash the USA.

They have no right to trespass on other people’s land.

NB – there was nobody from the Trump Administration, not one American anti-crimmigration spokesperson brought into the discussion.

Aren’t you amazed by this?