Le Muppet Goes Grubbing For Green Left Votes!

Remember Le Muppet’s notorious mockery of democracy, those bogus ‘consultations’ we wrote about a year or more ago..


Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

….’consultations’ which carefully excluded any chance of REAL consultation on issues like the death penalty for terrorists and ‘asylum’ abuse by fake-‘refugees’ – issues that matter deeply but that Emmanuel Macron’s clique in Paris and his elitist cronies in the Brussels cabal Brussels dislike?

We suggested referenda as the proper way forward in a democracy.

And now he’s proposing just that!

But NOT on capital punishment, or on ending pro-crimmigrant intrusions by alien courts! 

Macron has called a referendum, due next year, to amend the French constitution by adding pledges on climate and environmental protection to the text. “The [French] Republic guarantees the preservation of biodiversity and the environment and fights against climate change,” the amendment is to add. 


For pity’s sakes!



Has Le Muppet recruited the Addled Swede Brat to compose his weirdo constitutional amendment?

Constitutional amendments should prescribe the form of government, separation of powers, how legislators are chosen, etc. – not partisan policies on which either legislatures or referenda should make decisions.

The referendum date remains to be set after French MPs and senators first pass a related bill, Macron added.

I hope Marine Le Pen…


….and her patriot party, the National Rally, raise merry hell about this stunt. .