Do They Know It’s Christmas In Canada?

I’m not for a moment suggesting that ‘lock-down’ injustice is unique to Canada…



…but I do want to let readers know about an excellent fight-back fund organised by the excellent Ezra Levant.



Ordinary Canadians are being fined extortionate amounts for going outside while the prime minister visits cottage country. Can you help us fight this unreasonable infringement on our civil liberties?

4518 Donors
Goal: 500s

We are crowdfunding lawyers for Canadians who want to fight their outrageous tickets. 

We’re not going to PAY the fines. We are FIGHTING the fines.

We started this project back in April, we already have over twelve cases but we want to defend every single Canadian who gets a lockdown ticket (or at least the first 1,000).

We even won our first couple of cases already!

We are going to fight for Canadians civil rights. To see all of our coverage, go to

If you’ve been fined during the pandemic for no good reason, please click here to contact us in confidence. You may be eligible for free legal defence — where we will help fight your ticket! That means that we’ll hire a lawyer, and we’ll pay all of your fees!

And if you haven’t personally been affected but want to help out, please chip in what you can to help us fight these cases by using the donation form on this page.

This is it. This is the fight back.

If you don’t have a fine yourself but want to help, please click on the donate button on this page. We need to raise $200,000.

We believe that there are some reasonable limits that the public accepts to fight this pandemic. But whether it’s overzealous inspectors, police who just don’t understand the new rules, bureaucrats trying to scare the public, or politicians enjoying their “emergency” powers a little too much, there are so many unreasonable fines out there, someone has to defend our civil liberties.

If you believe someone has to fight back against these cases, then please help us out by making a donation on this page. 

Let’s keep Canada free. We don’t need to live under martial law. You don’t quarantine the healthy. You don’t punish people for having Christmas dinner with family. You don’t ruin thousands of small businesses.

Canadians can donate through e-transfer by emailing

Quick PayPal donations can be made by clicking here.

And you can donate by cheque by making it out to Rebel News and mailing the cheque to:

Rebel News Network Ltd.
PO Box 61056 Eglinton/Dufferin RO