Jakarta – German Envoy Has No Idea What His Staff Do?

Further to our taking an interest in Mama Stasi Merkel’s embassy staffer caught in the act of visiting the HQ of one of the most fanatical vigilante gangs in Indonesia…

Jakarta Fury -Merkel Flunkey Prowling Fanatic HQ!

…..the diplomatic denials reached a level of stridency which almost makes one quote that famous Shakespearean phrase…



These employees act on their own initiative, without coordination with the embassy,according to the official statement of the German Embassy, ​​Monday, December 21, 2020.


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The ‘clarification’ continues, reporting German Embassy claims that the said ‘employees’ paid that bizarre visit ‘not on orders from the leadership of the German Embassy.’

Allegedly, the blonde-haired man photographed entering FPI headquarters was there because of the sectarian demo being planned on 18th December…


PA 212 will have a large demonstration at the Presidential Palace, Friday (18/12/2020).


….‘to get a separate picture of the security situation in question, because the demonstration could cross the embassy area.’

Compare and contrast with Munarman, of the FPI.

The German embassy expressed condolences and condolences for the murder of 6 martyrs,” Munarman told reporters.”



By ‘martyrs,’ Munarman means the six FPI paramilitaries shot in a gunfight with police.

Jakarta – Six Sectarians Shot Dead, But TV News?

The German Embassy came to the FPI secretariat. International attention to the extra judicial killing of 6 martyrs will have an impact on Indonesia’s reputation in the international world,” he said…


What a different story that fanatic tells!

I can’t stand the FPI in general, and as for Munarman…

 Look Who’s Talking? FPI Lout Munarman Calls Ahok Arrogant! 

…and yet, and yet…

The fanatic’s words have a ring of truth to them.

Again, I see the hand of Brussels, this time using a German agent rather than Toady Cameron…


UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

….to indulge in their hand-wringing, meddling, sticky-beaking into things that don’t concern them.



The best way to get to the bottom of this would be for Merkel’s Man in Jakarta to put Blondie on a public platform, a press conference, subjected to media interrogation.

His cover, after all, is blown.



But has he already been swiftly spirited out of Indonesia, sent back to Berlin, to avoid the key questions many people would love to have answered?