Goodwill To All? Another Canada-Gestapo Scandal!

I hope you have all had as enjoyable a Christmas weekend as I have.

But here’s a shocking saga from Ontario.

Once more, goons in Canada have run amok, and it is such a dreadful story I offer it in its entirety below.

Help if you can.


I am so angry right now. Here’s why. Cpl. Joshua Walker is a reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces.

He and his girlfriend, Samantha-Lynn Johnson, were at the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket, Ont., doing some Christmas shopping. 

They were both wearing their masks. Then Joshua stopped by the food court to get a bite to eat. Pretty normal, right? 

But then mall security told him that was against the law — he wasn’t allowed to eat in the food court.

Then Samantha arrived at the food court and the security guards and the couple began to exchange words.

That’s when security ordered them out of the food court and out of the entire mall.

But just them — which is odd, since other people were eating in the food court too. Joshua and Samantha-Lynn complied with the orders to leave and started to walk out of the mall. They moved at a fair pace, considering that Samantha-Lynn is pregnant. 

At first, they were actually laughing about it. They couldn’t believe it. They were more stunned than upset. 

But then three angry security guards started marching right behind them — so close, it was strange. It wasn’t funny anymore. 

And then the security guards grabbed Joshua as he was walking — that’s assault. Joshua didn’t push or shove back. He just said, “don’t put your hands on me.” 

He said it three times, but the security guards kept assaulting him, even though he and his girlfriend were indeed walking out of the mall. 

And then — as if the security guards just snapped — they all stomped on him. They jumped him. They pounced on him. Three, then four, then more. 

They crushed him. They injured him so badly he had to go to the hospital! And through it all, Joshua never hit back. He’s strong — he’s in the Canadian Armed Forces.

But never once did he fight back, even though he had the right to do so in self-defence. Why did this happen?

Joshua and Samantha-Lynn had their masks on.

But the story gets crazier: when the police finally showed up, they arrested Joshua — and charged him with assault! Him! 

You might find this hard to believe — but here it is, all caught on video. See for yourself: What an outrage. And it doesn’t even make any sense. Even as the security guards were pummelling him, Joshua actually had his mask on — but one of the security guards didn’t! 

Why did they single out Joshua and his pregnant girlfriend? Why did they attack him when he was already leaving? Why did police side with the attackers, instead of the victim? 

And why is Upper Canada Mall treating Joshua like a villain, instead of thanking him for his service, and paying him the respect any member of our military deserves? 

I’m so angry. But I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve offered Joshua our help — to crowdfund an excellent criminal lawyer, to defend him against the absurd assault charge filed against him. 

And not just that — Joshua needs justice himself. Why did the mall security pummel him, when he was already complying with their bizarre order to leave? 

Incredibly, the mall is digging in their heels — not only do they refuse to apologize, they’re actually smearing him in the media! 

Well, we’ll help with that, too — we’re crowdfunding a lawyer for Joshua to take on the mall and their out-of-control security guards. This mask business has gone too far. Security guards are out of control. It’s madness.

And in this case, there might even be an extra edge to it — why did security single out the one black man in the food court? 

We need justice. Which is why we’ve set up Few people seem to care about civil liberties these days — anything is permitted in the name of the lockdown. Even though Joshua had a mask on, they beat him up anyway. 

Help us help Joshua. As he says, if we don’t fight back today, other people will go through something like this too. Please click here or go to And let’s help this military man and his pregnant wife fight back. 

Yours truly, David Menzies
Rebel News 

P.S. Why did they single out Joshua at the food court? Why did they kick him out, when they were both wearing masks? Why did they assault him, when he was already walking out of the mall?

Why did police charge him, even though he never fought back, not even with a single punch? P.P.S. If you are as upset by this as I am, please click here to help us hire top-notch lawyers for this battle — to fight the criminal charge and hold the mall to account!