EUSSR Democracy? Ghastly Guy Exposes The Lie!

EUObserver is ‘rewarding’ its readers with a 20th anniversary retrospect of the Brussels Empire, and though I’d prefer to read of its decline and fall…

…there are nuggets among the dross.

Ghastly Guy Verhofstadt is a familiar fool, at least to Brits who have heard his abrasive and arrogant outbursts against Brexit, but this piece takes the biscuit!


“Both referenda weren’t about the constitution,” Guy Verhofstadt says. “In France, it became a referendum on Jacques Chirac. In the Netherlands, it was about whether they paid too much – something some Dutch politicians have been repeating for 10 years.” Read on »

The bleating Belgian usefully reminds us why the EUSSR’s ruling class has stomped democracy ever since its minions in The Hague and Paris thought they could get away with the Grand Con-Trick…



….that ‘European Constitution’ which was put to the Dutch and French people by referenda in 2005 and bluntly, clearly, rejected in both countries.

Giscard d’Estaing died very recently so I will adhere to the civility of ‘nihil nisi bonum de mortuis’ and only say that the late ex-President of the French Republic was quintessentially elitist.

He was no man of the people, in fact a scion of a baronial family who expected the lower orders to do as expected of them.  

If you need a refresher on his Euro-Con, wiki gives a not bad account of how it came to grief at the hands of the French people. 2005 French European Constitution referendum – Wikipedia

Voters in The Netherlands also threw it out, so Ghastly Guy insults their intelligence too…

….suggesting that the electorates of both nations were stupid, that they rejected the leap towards supranationalism not because they disliked it but for extraneous and irrelevant dissatisfactions.

Does that not sound familiar, that Flemish man with the odd hair-style’s contempt for democracy?

Brits voted in greater numbers than ever before to get Britain out…




…but for four years after that momentous decision, we have heard the Remoaners repeatedly ranting that those voters didn’t really know what they were voting for!

The ruling elites in politics and the media have done everything they can to thwart Brexit.

Neither the French nor the Dutch have ever been allowed a referendum since they dared to dissent….



…refused to do as the lords of misrule decreed they should, no more risks taken that their ‘European Project….’


Le Muppet Goes Grubbing For Green Left Votes! 

..might be derailed by inconvenient democracy, from 2005 till now, when Macron wants to insert a new Addled Brat clause to France’s own constitution!

Make no mistake, Ghastly Guy – and all the collabos in the UK – will never be content to let the British people’s decision stand.

They think the average voter, in EVERY country, is too stupid to be trusted.

Their mind-set is no different than how Hitler or Stalin regarded their subjects, or how Evil Xi, in today’s Red China, sees the common folk.

Unaware of what’s best. Unfit to govern.

Elites are a blight on this world.

They need to be challenged, and brought down.


National referendums on the
European Constitutional Treaty
Superseded by the Treaty of Lisbon (2007)