‘Nasty’ Or ‘Naughty?’ Sectarian ‘Sex-Chat’ In Indonesia

What I thought was the most telling part of the widespread media coverage of the news about the ‘Chat Mesum’ –

  • variously translated as ‘nasty chat’ or sex chat’ but since I haven’t listened to it, I leave it to you!

– that Jakarta Police are being empowered to re-open the intriguing case against Shihab…



….aka Rizieq the Fanatic…

Indonesian cleric denies receiving pornographic messages from female supporter

….surely has to be this!

FPI has not yet provided information on this matter. The FPI General Secretary has not yet answered the instant conversation that was sent. Deputy General Secretary Aziz Yanuar has not yet answered phone calls. FPI’s Legal Team, Ichwan Tuankoota, has not yet answered phone calls…


As regular readers well know, the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’ is not noted for long silences.

It’s not unfair, methinks, to say that sectarian fanatics here in Indonesia..



…very much enjoy making their voices heard.

But maybe the above sources are, on this issue, simply thinking carefully before they give voice.

We’ll have another look at this later today!