When Did Lunching With A Lovely Lady Become A Political Sin!

Just take a look at the lovely lass in the photograph below.




If you’re a guy, you’d love to have lunch with her, right?

And right she is, a gorgeous blonde French lady, who’s the niece of patriot party leader Marine Le Pen, champion of the French Right!

Not that one would wish to blight a lunch-date – or any date – with such a honey by talking politics the whole time.

There is more to life than the cause, brothers, believe me!

Yet that seems to be what Bruno Roger-Petit, ‘an advisor to French president Emmanuel Macron,’ suggests he did back in October.


Bruno Roger-Petit

“I wanted to know what she had to say and whether it echoed the state of [national] opinion – which it did not. I found out that we disagreed,” he claims

Well, if I had lunch with a leftess who looked as good as the rightwing Marechal, I would get over the disagreements PDQ and talk about more interesting things.”’

So silly Roger-Petit, but who’s a whole lot sillier?

Bashful Bruno apparently kept the date quiet, but when it was made public recently, he found himself ‘facing a barrage of criticism from liberal politicians.’

Macron aide defends lunching with far-right starlet (euobserver.com)

Which just goes to show how accurate my character analysis of ‘liberals’ really is.

‘Oh, Mon Dieu! He is LUNCHING with a woman who doesn’t share our hang-ups!’



That’s in fact an understatement.

They want to use Big Tech to silence us!

They want to use police-state ‘hate-speech’ laws to jail us!


AND NOW we know they are so terrified of intellectual contagion, of proximity to people who refuse to bow to the ruling class ideology, that they won’t even break bread with them?

What a bunch of berks!!