A Fanatic Long-Term Strategy Indonesia Must Thwart!

Having expressed the hope – and indeed the expectation – that Indonesia’s government will not be thwarted by the fanatics….Fanatic FPI Gang Banned, But Behold, A New FPI!….I was interested to read a claim by the sectarian Rizieq’s notorious henchman, Munarman the Lout…



  • …invited onto TVOne to discuss FPI’s hoodlum behaviour, Munarman lost the argument and then totally lost his infantile temper, hurling a glassful of water over the mild-mannered academic who’d bested him.
  • ..

….that the targets of the ban have had their strategy in place for years.

He added that this change had long been anticipated by his side…

“HRS already (knows). We have anticipated this (change) for a long time,” explained Munarman.

HRS refers to Rizieq, and Munarman has shown the media proof of his claim, a video…


Rizieq detained – now extended to 40 days!


….in which Rizieq, in front of the congregation and FPI members, admits that there is no problem if FPI is disbanded. 

Because, if FPI is dissolved, there will be a replacement with almost the same name. https://m.wartaekonomi.co.id/berita320727/jadi-front-persatuan-islam-munarman-sudah-lama-kita-antisipasi

Playing cat and mouse like this could go on endlessly. These extremists are trying to make fools of Jokowi’s ministers, whose ban on the fanatic movement has been well received.

Jakarta Year’s End Treat – Fanatic Gang Put Down!

Many, very many, good Indonesians, of all creeds, will be waiting anxiously for effective steps to slap down the FPI… 



 …in whatever guise its malevolent leadership chooses to parade their hatreds.