Fanatic FPI Gang Banned, But Behold, A New FPI!

The Indonesian Government has plenty of smart people in key positions, so they must have foreseen this move by the nation’s most fanatical sectarians…


Jakarta Year’s End Treat – Fanatic Gang Put Down!

…within hours, to resurrect their movement under a new name….

…the Islamic United Front (FPI)

 …Aziz Yanuar said that FPI has not changed, only changing its name to a new vehicle to fight.



“Yes, the Islamic United Front (FPI). It doesn’t change, it’s a new vehicle for fighting,” said Aziz Yanuar in a written statement, Wednesday evening.

According to him, the FPI camp had declared the name change in an undisclosed location. “Somewhere in Jakarta,” he said. Aziz added that the new name of the Islamic United Front did not change the structure of the FPI….

How will the government respond to this entirely predictable step on the part of the fanatics?

Obviously I have no idea.

But there are historical precedents to look at.

Since 1965, there has been a total ban on the Indonesian Communist Party, the PKI, which was seen here, rightly, as a dire and deadly threat to everything Indonesian patriots hold dear.

Thanks to the effective enforcement of that ban, there is hardly any real danger of the evils of communism arising here today.

If I’m not wrong, several groups have, since 1965, been named and banned as PKI ‘substitutes’ – attempts to reorganise the banned marxist gangster party under a new name.

Let’s wait and see.