Is There No End To Johnson’s PC Madness?

Watching UK news, we see that clown who ‘serves’ as HM’s Secretary of State blabbering again and again, sporting that sicko ‘Rainbow Pride’ badge, urging everyone to fight the Chinese Virus.


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

But what do we learn of his true commitment – and ipso facto of his boss, Bojo – as proven by a retired doctor’s letter to the press, that she, and any other retired health professional who wants to rejoin the NHS and help save lives….



…is told they must have evidence of having been trained in – wait for it!

conflict resolution, equality, diversity and human rights, fire safety, and preventing radicalisation

Imagine equating fire safety with all that ideological garbage!

As I said earlier, all the BLM junk-think is not just junk-think but mental and spiritual poison!

Fight it, as hard as you can!