The Odd Alteration Of Australia’s Anthem!

Australian readers are commenting quite vigorously about the change made to their national anthem without democratic approval.

As with the issue of monarchy v republic, I stand by my view that this is a matter for the Australian people, though others, like myself, naturally can have an opinion.

What is disturbing is that, when the anthem, Advance Australia Fair, was adopted, in 1984, that was after all parties had agreed it was a matter for the electorate as a whole, who had voted by plebiscite in 1977.


That was fair.

It was not done, as the new change has been made, by a sneaky backroom coup…



…PM Scott Morrison covertly consulting with his colleagues and the lyric change slapped on the Governor General’s desk during the festive holidays..


….while the public were, and still are, preoccupied with how to get through this week amid a resurgence of rhe Chinese Virus crisis.


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

The anthem is hardly an urgent problem, nor truly any kind of problem at all.

So no costs need have been incurred by another plebiscite. It could have been tagged onto the next federal election.

All very odd!